Carla Magro

I apologize in advance for how long and stupid and unamusing this will most likely be.
Name: Carla Lucía I find it particularilly boring, but I don’t plan on changing it at any point in my life. I love reading mostly in foreign languages. I would love to know the world, not visit but KNOW. Horseback riding and ballet are my life since I was little.
I'm too sentimental. I’m a nervous person. I love to bite my lower lip. I hardly sleep. I’m one of those people who will just lie in bed for hours without being anywhere close to drowsy. Once I fall asleep, I have odd dreams. However, I still feel the need to sleep through the day. I probably won’t wake up unless someone wakes me up. I’m going through that awkward-chubby-skinny-chubby-skinny teenager phase. It’s just…lovely. I’m really shy with some people and very sociable with others, Its just weird, I tend to push people away. I think too much. Normally not a good combination. I love wandering. I love wondering. I’m convinced my brain doesn’t function normally. I have a terrific memory for almost everything, sometimes I pretend to forget things just so I dont seem like a stalker.